1. In honor of it being a month until this lovely lady’s wedding I figured a picture was necessary. I am so honored to have met her and I cannot wait to be there on her wedding day. @alyssa7217 I cannot wait for the adventures I friendship has in store! #weddingnliss #gonnabefun #bridetobe #bridalshower #cantwaittilthewedding

  2. My #wcw this week is these 2 lovely ladies! This was when we first met and I never thought we were gonna end up as close as we have become! I look forward to all the fun we have coming up in the next few months! @kalynelizabeth @babysquiiid

  3. I absolutely adore this song! It’s jam time @stagesandstereos @danielstages @ianstages @donniestages @zachstages @alexgoradio #stagesandstereos

  4. My #wcw goes out to these lovely ladies. I haven’t known them long but I already have so much love for them @blondie6b @alyssa7217

  5. Jamming to some Underoath while driving :) #underoath #imissthem #reinventingyourexit

  6. So my #wcw this week is Kalyn. I have grown to love this girl so much and I’m excited for all of the future adventures @kalynelizabeth

  7. I am so blessed that I get to be a part of this girls life. We only met a few months ago but it seems like so much longer. I cannot wait to see you be a beautiful bride! @alyssa7217 I’m excited to see where our friendship goes! @kalynelizabeth I love you a little but too 😘😘😘

  8. So most of us went into this bachelorette party as strangers. I think it’s safe to say we all left as fiends! @alyssa7217 @kalynelizabeth @lizarddd @dayna_boles @tiffanyfay12 #bachaloretteparty #orlando #funtime #shenanigans

  9. I’ve grown to love this girl so much, even when she throws icing in my face @kalynelizabeth #loveher #bachaloretteparty

  10. Today one of my closest friends moves away for a year! He has become like a brother to me and I know I can rely on him for anything. I am gonna miss all our mud adventures and out swing dances at 08 but I wish you the best with everything! Can’t wait to all about your trip! Come back soon! @fdohrmann20